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Welcome to the world of Tamarack, Colorado and its cast of unique characters

By Jayne York

After twenty years of self-imposed exile, Emily Converse, newly divorced and with her life in pieces, is compelled to return to her hometown of Tamarack, Colorado. Her drug-addicted brother teeters on the edge of self-destruction and their abusive stepfather is the root cause. Intent on reaping justice, residual childhood terror spurs her quest for revenge. Michael McCandlis, injured in the line of duty and unceremoniously “retired” from the Navy SEALS, arrives in Tamarack feeling adrift and useless. He is in desperate need of a reason to care. Emily lights a long-buried spark in his battered heart. When he realizes she’s on a dangerous vendetta against a powerful enemy, he must choose whether to help her or stop her.

Can they find enough common ground to stand together or will old wounds bar their way to the promise of new possibilities?

Sit back, pour yourself a favorite beverage and come with me to Tamarack, Colorado. Get to know my favorite couple, Michael and Emily. Experience their surprising meeting, their sizzling attraction and travel along as they begin their love story while battling the demons of their pasts. They face the realities of lives lived not only in today but colored by the effects of their personal histories.

I hope you love reading their story as much as I enjoyed telling it.

If Wishes Were Horses
Available for Purchase Soon
If Wishes Were Horses - Emily's Memory Box

Coming Soon Get a sneak peak into Emily's memory box and interact with some of the little things that make up her world and the events of If Wishes Were Horses.